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Health Policy Updates: January 20 2018

The proportion of uninsured Americans has started to inch up again, after falling for several years post-ACA. But why? The Trump Administration has been doing what it can to chip away at the ACA’s foundation, but without any major legislative victories. And it seems that this trend predating this, anyway.

“A recent estimate of the connection between a lack of insurance and mortality suggests that for every 800 people without insurance for a year, one will die — meaning that 4,000 more people may have died during the year than would have had they been covered. That increase in the percentage began in the first quarter of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

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Health Policy Updates: June 25 2016

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine this week had some surprising findings relating to gifts to physicians from pharmaceutical companies. The authors asked whether physicians who received a free meal from a drug company were more likely to prescribe expensive, brand-name medications produced by that company. The answer – surprisingly or not – was “yes.” And, it remained “yes” even for single meals less that $20 in value (though the association tended to be higher for more and/or more expensive meals). This study has obvious implications regarding the ethics of physician-industry financial relationships.

The differences persisted after controlling for prescribing volume and potential confounders such as physician specialty, practice setting, and demographic characteristics. Furthermore, the relationship was dose dependent, with additional meals and costlier meals associated with greater increases in prescribing of the promoted drug. Our findings were consistent across 4 brand-name drugs, including rosuvastatin…” Continue reading Health Policy Updates: June 25 2016